Woman Discovers Fascinating Flower Mantis Living In Her Garden

There are lovely flowers and budding plants in the gardens that attract several forms of bugs. In her garden in South Africa, Margaret Neville was admiring her lavender bushes when she discovered something new.

It was a bug creeping on one of the branches that she had never seen before. The gorgeous creature looked like an art object. Similar to lavender buds, the legs were coated in light purple flowers. The most mesmerizing region, however, was the bug’s wings. They were white and green with a black swirl resembling an eye.


What Is A Flower Mantis?

Neville told The DoDo, “When I saw her, I thought she was an exquisite work of art.”

The bug is known as a spiny flower mantis, just one of the 2300 species of praying mantis. They are native to eastern and southern Africa.

Flower Mantis Camouflage

They camouflage these fragile creatures with their surroundings, rendering them almost difficult to identify. This female flower mantis lived for the entire month of September in the lavender bushes in Neville’s yard.


She sent her photos to Waterfall Retreat and Environmental Centre. Experts at the centre think she is pregnant and posted, “She loves to hunt bees that visit the flowers of herbs such as purple and rose pelargonium, she sits at the flowers and hunts using her camouflage. We have named her Miss Frilly Pants.”

“What a wonderful world!”

Watch the video below to marvel at the beautiful Miss Frilly Pants. Don’t forget to share with all your friends.

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