Watch Half A Billion Monarch Butterflies Take Flight

Every year when the weather turns cold, many people start from the far north and land somewhere in the south. Those people are trying to escape the cold weather and snow, and winter snow will cover months.

It turns out that not only people come to the South in winter, but many animals and birds do the same. They have a common goal, which is to get rid of the cold weather and embark on the journey of their ancestors for thousands of years.

Even butterflies fly south, such as monarch butterfly


Every year, Monarch butterflies make the trip from the cold northern areas, with some coming from as far away as Canada and they are heading for warmer weather. In fact, hundreds of millions of those Monarch butterflies descend to a small area of forest in Mexico, and they do it every year.

No one knows how these little flying insects can accurately locate them to the correct position after flying thousands of miles, but they are precise.

How often do people visit the place of monarch butterfly ?

The area where the Mexican monarch butterfly infests has been kept secretly for many years, but nowadays, some people often visit it.

In the video below, a tiny drone that looks like a hummingbird captures the magical moments of thousands of butterflies flying.


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