Titus meeting our new puppy for the first time!!!

I despise the pit bull stereotypes. They can be some of the sweetest dogs ever. One of my favorite dogs (that a friend owns) got pepper sprayed for walking up to the sidewalk (staying in her own property) and wagging her tail at passersby. Their reasons: Pit bulls are a vile breed. Her whole face got swollen, and she was just saying hi.

She is the sweetest dog I have ever met, shame on people for judging.

Its not the dog that makes it a dangerous dog its the owners titus looks very well behaved but I cannot fogive the clipped ears mutalateing the dog for looks is terrible, I hope you guys never did it too him because its sick, I watch alot of you’re videos and can’t beileve you would do this to a dog or any of you’re T’s so was wondering was he a rescue too did you get him with the clipped ears

Omg they are both so cute i have a male pitbull that is very aggressive towards other male dogs but he is the sweetest towards anybreed of puppys male or female, small or big i got another pitbull/bully puppy 4 months ago and now he is 6 months and they are the best of Friends they sleep together.

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