This Insane German Rv Has A Hidden Sports Car Slot – 700.000 €

If you’re a weekend camper on the hunt for something that little bit extra, look no further than the Volkner Mobil Performance, the 12-meter luxury RV that — no big deal — has an automatically retracting hidden slot specially designed to carry a sports car.

If that wasn’t enough, the RV is suited for all weather conditions and is spacious enough to carry you and your loved ones with a deceptive level of luxury. The motorhome’s patented central garage system takes only minutes to load and unload and is big enough to hold anything from a Mini Cooper to a Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet or BMW i8. The door pops open, the ramp slides out, and then you’re good to go.

Check out the vehicle in action below.

In addition to the central garage, the RV carries two electric bicycles, a table with chairs, and a retractable gas grill. Just imagine: you can go for a bike ride, come back, have a BBQ, and then go for a spin in your Porsche 911 before turning in for the night in your camper under the stars.

Elsewhere, the vehicle’s slide-out wall allows the RV’s owner to maximize the vehicle’s interior space, expanding from approximately 322 to 376 square foot. Each new Performance’s interior is also catered to the buyer’s tastes, meaning you can customize the RV’s room plan as you choose.

For more information, head here (German only).

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