These raccoons have the perfect mother. She’s a pit bull.

She may not change the whole world today, but she’s changed mine today. Thank You. Every bit does make a difference.I love how she has her eyes on each little one. What a wonderful furryfoster mom. And, yes, animals can teach us a lot about compassion and love without judgment.

If only people could be more like Ashley, the world would truly be a better place. Diversity comes in all colors, forms, and differences.This is a beautiful story. And I totally agree with her. We’re just too concerned about our differences than working together as a species.

“The stereo types around this breed are nonexistent when raised with love” couldn’t have been said better!!!

I have two pit bulls currently (both rescued from abusive homes) and grew up with two as a child. Not one of them had/has ever once bitten me or anyone else! Yet, I’d say about 70% of people are still scared to walk past us on the street or let their dogs play with mine at the park.

About a year ago, a guys two dogs attacked mine pretty badly at the park but neither of them fought back! As soon as they got free they both bolted for me for protection and I had to use their leash and my foot to fight the dogs off long enough for their owner to stop them.

Pitbulls are so disgustingly misrepresented it’s sad to watch. They’re like moldable clay, whatever you put into them is what you’ll get out of them. Give the dog love and affection and that’s what you’re sure to get. Force fear and pain on the poor thing and that’s all they will know….. kind like people

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