These Cats Are Very Proud Of Themselves For Doing Naughty Things

Cats are notorious for being mean, unfriendly, and incomprehensible. However, anyone who loves or owns cats knows that this is not true. Cats are not only beautiful creatures but also great and faithful companions. Just like other pets, cats can provide many things for humans. They brought so much joy to our lives and enriched our lives with their love. Many studies have also shown that cats get mental and physical health benefits to the host.

Although cats are good pets, they can be terrible troublemakers sometimes. They don’t listen to their owners’ commands and generally bring chaos into homes. They are completely shameless about bad things they did, and they are proud of it. But no matter how mischievous they are, we still love them and tolerate their naughty because of all the good that they bring to our lives.

1. I assaulted a guide dog

2. I am so high right now

3. He peed on the hamster

4. Why did you do that? It could not have been tasty.

5. Thank you for that Freckle

6. It’s the toilet paper.

It is the issue, not me.

7. I ate $300


8. I lick my butt and then fart in my face

9. I tipped him over and ate him because I didn’t want him anymore.

10. There goes the money

11. My not so real dad is pissed

12. Sabotaging the popcorn

13. Black cats are never good.

“I am the devil of the neighborhood.”

14. I don’t like it when people clean my stuff

15. He spilled everything and he blamed his dad. What a naughty kitty!

16. You are one grose kitty

17. Do not make him angry

18. Eating yarn is fun

19. What kind of cat are you? We think we found a new species of mice loving cats.

20. This little kitty wanted to be a balancing athlete.

21. It seems all cats are friendly when they want something.

22. Because that is want you want to wake up to


23. You can’t blame him

24. Biting and licking other people’s toes are wrong, so you should be punished

25. Be warned

26. You are one creepy cat

27. I wanted the fishy

28. Itsy bitsy spider

29. My bitch is the dog, and I can walk all over him.

30. Mean kitty

If you share your life with a cat, please let us know how great your life is. Feel free to share this post with everyone, especially cat lovers.

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