The Woman Opened The Door And Found A Group Of Deer Hiding In Her House

Obviously, this is what happened when the back door was not closed during the storm:


Well, now before you let the wild animals in, just know that there is more to this story. And, no, this person does not seem to be some kind of secret Disney princess.

An Imgur user (known only as the handle “Amscolie”) uploaded these photos in 2017, but she has been friendly to deer for a while.


The bio on her Imgur profile reads:

“I’m a wildlife rehabilitator with a BA in psych, another in German and a master’s in forensic science. Currently, I work in health insurance. I clearly lack focus.”

While it appears (from her comments) that she still works in insurance, she also has a side gig (or volunteers) at the local zoo.

She has 18 years of experience in animal rehabilitation, so it is not surprising that these animals seek her house as shelter.

Even her dog Quinn seems to be a fan of the deer, especially a deer that Amsciole named “Alphie.”

She likes to wait for him at the door after playing with him in the yard.

Source: Imgur – Amscolie
Acsciole jokingly referred to the deer as “forest puppies”, which is probably why she was not afraid to let them in and around the house.

Of course, letting wild animals in is never a good idea, and it doesn’t seem to be a habit anyway. There is only one exception to this storm.

As the weather got worse, she checked some of the fawns she had been caring for, but they were nowhere to be found.

That was when she opened the back door. When she came back, the fawns had obviously felt the storm, and in fact they had been welcomed by people.

She has been deleted since the post was deleted, but the photos and quotes are still online. According to Little Things, her post once explained:

“Recently, the back door was open as a storm was coming. The deer were nowhere to be found. Went inside, was heading to the front door, only to see them next to an end table in the living room. Told them they could sleep in the house for the night because it was going to be nasty.”

Showing just how comfortable the fawns were around her, she captioned this photo: “But how could you ever say no to a face like this?”

Source: Imgur – Amscolie
We couldn’t!

These sweet photos are not the only ones Amscolie has posted to go viral.

Her engagement photos were famously interrupted by one of the deer she cared for.

And it looks like this furry creature was more than a little jealous at the possibility of having to share her attention!


Source: Imgue – Amscolie
Of course, without any experience, never approach a deer. Also, it is a bad idea to open the door when wild animals and plants are nearby. For example, a commenter’s experience in a similar situation is not satisfactory:

“Ok this woman leaves her door open and geta three lil bambis but when i do it a bobcat was is my kitchen….Now how does that work…And yes this is a true story.”


We’ll stick to keeping our doors closed!

Be sure to scroll down below to see a montage of the photos from Amscolie’s original Imgur post.

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