The Pitbull Mama Dog Neglected After Not Bringing Profit to Owner – Heartbreaking Story

So this very good-looking little Pit Bull didn’t bring in profits!!?? This is enough to make me lose all hope for humankind. She’s beautiful and it looks like she’s happy now. Many thanks to those who saved this adorable Piti. It’s really just too bad how badly she was treated. I’m glad she’s happy now, with a better start at life. Thanks again for caring for animals in need.

She looks very sad. Thankfully someone rescued her and giving her some love and care that she needs right now.

God bless you for rescuing this poor dog!

She is 💯 beautiful! Amazing 👏! Thank you for sharing her story! Pitbulls are so loyal, loving, and forgiving! Even when they go through things like this!


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