The Metal Idols

The nerd doing wait and bleed is hilarious.

The guy at 1:22 is actually pretty skilled in what he does … but what the fuck is he hoping to achieve on this kind of show?

The guy at 1:22 is amazing and i’m sure that even people who do not listen to Metal can hear the difference between him and others who do not master the technique.

Screaming requires a lot more technique than people think. This video shows it well.

The guy singing Slipknot sounds like King Leonidas.

4:20 I think he had an entire concert going on in his own little world.

1:43 even though he’s doing a Cannibal Corpse song he sounds more like Max Cavalera from Sepultura.

3:39 that is the most lifeless version of Ich Will I’ve ever heard.

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