The Cat Was Upset When a Bird Flew into His House

Panda is a cute cat, he loves his family very much. He has been with his family for five years, so all members of the family are very important to him. He vowed to love them at all costs. He likes to walk around with his mother and sniff at what he sees.

In the evening, he likes to go out and explore and bring some special gifts to his mother, such as bark, leaves and other people’s clothes.

Recently, Panda’s mom was on a Zoom meeting when she suddenly heard him meowing very loudly. She thought that he brought home a gift that he wanted her to see, but when the meowing didn’t stop, she decided to stop the meeting and go to check what was happening.

As it turned out, there was a bird who’d flown in her house through an open window and was now stuck and couldn’t escape. It was clear that Panda hated the bird because it would dare to enter his house without his permission.

“I caused quite a bit of commotion as I couldn’t get the bird out of my room (I was trying to throw a towel over it),” Lisa van Seters, Panda’s mom, told The Dodo. “He was meowing like crazy until it eventually flew into the kitchen and out the window.”

After the bird went out of the house safely, van Seters thought that Panda would calm down, but he was still angry.

“Panda was not happy when the bird was gone,” van Seters said. “He paced the house meowing for 30 minutes looking for it.”
Since Panda didn’t know where the bird had gone, he thought that it was still in the house somewhere. He decided to stay on patrol until he could be sure.

Panda doesn’t like anyone entering his beloved house without his permission. He did what he had to do to make sure he kept his family safe and happy.
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