The Cat Stole So many Shoes That His Owner Had To Create A Facebook Group To Return Them

He could be disturbing the dog, sleeping, hunting, or just being cute, but no, this cat has chosen to dedicate himself to become a thief. However, his owner seems to find a way to solve this cat’s crimes.

Recently, BJ Ross of Pennsylvania created a Facebook group to get rid of one of her cat Jordan’s bad habits: stealing the neighbors’ shoes. According to WTAJ, this black and white cat, weighing about 3 kilos, will not stop going out at night, and always take the loot with him to home.

Return Request From Social Media

Ross hopes that social networks will help return the shoes to their real owners, but she has also made Jordan famous, and now everyone knows about his crimes

Here is a video where the thief is exposed:

Jordan the cat steals all the shoes he can

Photo credit: Bj Ross

Their owners find a couple of them every morning

And now he has more than 50

Jordan is very proud of his loot

After discovering the cat’s secret life, Jordan’s owner put a GPS tracker on him

He gets to walk between 11 and 13 kms every night, planning his misdeeds

Ross installed a security camera in the back to collect more evidence

And she has created a FB group for people to discuss Jordan and his crimes

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