Stressful Dog Running Behind The Ambulance Where Its Owner Was Transferred To The Hospital

We all know that dogs are the most faithful and noble animals on Earth. The love that these wonderful beings profess for us, their daily dedication, and their company are irreplaceable. Wherever we go, in health and disease, in poverty and wealth; they will want to be there by our side.

And, if there was any doubt about it, a Mexican canine took care of his human father until the moment when he had to be transferred urgently in an ambulance. He ran desperately after her through the streets of Iztapalapa, and when he realized it, the paramedics had no choice but to let him get on board.

“Thanks to the Iztapalapa Civil Protection paramedics, who transferred a patient to the General Hospital and, when they saw a puppy that was following the ambulance, they stopped to take him up,” wrote a reporter identified as Jorge Becerril.

When they arrived at the Iztapalapa General Hospital in Mexico City, the little dog was unable to enter, but he stood outside and waited and waited patiently to hear from his loving caretaker. She did not leave him for a second, nor did she hesitate to follow him closely.

The story of this noble dog named Juan, who went around the world on all social networks, did not end there. When getting into the ambulance, the little dog was sitting on the side of the stretcher where his loved one was.

The dog was very serious, like a family member, worried. Without hesitation, one of the paramedics recorded the emotional moment and was the one who provided all the additional information about the dog’s name and what happened.

“His name is Juan and that is how he waited for his owner to leave the hospital,” said the user and author of the video that he shared with other images.

The reactions were swift. Hundreds of users were torn between excitement and concern that the canine would be left alone while his human was in bed. However, the gesture of nobility, loyalty and the beautiful heart of Juan appropriated the spectators.

To date, it is not known for sure what happened to the person in charge of Juan, and neither if the two have already met again. A story that will continue and that we will surely follow very closely.

It is a clear example that shows us that, definitely, the dog is man’s best friend and, therefore, as long as they live they will never leave us alone. Have you ever wondered how far the love of our pets can go? Perhaps it is impossible to measure, that is why they are such extraordinary beings.

Dogs are like angels to whom Mother Nature, instead of wings, gave four legs and put them in the world to bring love. They are creatures without a voice, but sometimes the most sincere affection is hidden behind the deepest silence. An example: Juan.

Dogs can’t verbally tell us how much they love us, but they know how to show it. It is something that is written in his eyes. Share this beautiful story with your loved ones, family and friends.

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