Stray Kitten Has a Clone Of Himself on His Nose

There are only a few effective ways to create a viral video that are as effective as animal videos, mainly of dogs and cats.

The cuteness of these pets are known worldwide. No matter who you are, how old you are or where you come from, stand out againts images of these cute animals doing something fun or looking adorable is simply unlikely.

There are many examples of this. From kittens looking lovingly at a camera after adoption to puppies posing in a photograph in a nightgown, the internet is the best example that shows the dominance of dogs and cats when it comes to viral content.

And this adorable little cat here is no exception.

While walking down the street, twitter user noticed that some lovely kittens were looking at him. While the kittens were already adorable in themselves, one of them attracted more attention than the others.


The small one, who was sitting on a concrete brick, had a beautiful black and white coat and deep green eyes. There is also a birthmark on his nose that looks like an even smaller cat.


The mark covers its nose and is very similar to a black cat lying down, and looks like it is watching you, with ears and all details.

The woman did not waste any time to take pictures and videos of that adorable creature, which seems that he is used to that kind of attention and praise.

As expected, the photo and video were shared on the internet, with animal and cat lovers melting at the sight of such an example of beauty and elegance.


More than 20 thousand people reacted to the video that shows the adorable cat proudly displaying his “tattoo”. From one minute to the next, this stray cat went from being just another abandoned animal to having hordes of fans all over the world.

Whether that woman who took the picture of the cat owned that cat or rescued him is a matter of debate.

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