Stray Cat Wanted To Go Inside To Give Birth

They claim you always go back to where you’ve been treated well. And that is what happened with “Salami”, because she was in need and came back to her friends.

It was towards the last months of the year when “Salami” first came to Ida’s house. Nobody knew her, she was a stray cat and was searching for food. At that time, she also met Ida’s cat.

Photo credit: Ida Floreak

“She came by and she really liked him,” said Ida to The Dodo.

Ida Floreak is an artist, a painter to be exact, and lives in New Orleans, USA, with her furry friend. “They smelled each other and she was more interested in him than he was in her. It was definitely clear that she was here to see him, which was sweet.”

The woman began to leave food for Salami, who made her presence habitual in the gardens of the house.

Photo credit: Ida Floreak

Ida became fond of her and realized that she was pregnant. In her street situation, the cat could be in danger.

Salami was always free, walking on the streets, and sometimes comes to Ida’s house. Her belly already seemed to explode, until one day she appeared at about 5 am to asking for help.

Meowing, she begged for a comfortable and warm place. Ida took her in and helped her.

Photo credit: Ida Floreak

“She came at 5 am and squeaked very insistently. So I let her in and she started having her babies around 8 or 9 in the morning. I was surprised because I thought that when she had them I wouldn’t see her for a couple of weeks.”

Salami knew that this would be her family, she did not want to move anymore. Also, as Ida says, she seemed to be in love with her cat, who was rather indifferent to her presence.

Photo credit: Ida Floreak

Ida helped them, fed and sheltered them. Now they are part of the family!

Photo credit: Ida Floreak

The artist said that she has already found a home for the four kittens, but that Salami will stay with her.

Photo credit: Ida Floreak

The other cat has already gotten used to his new companion, he also seems very happy.

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