Stray Cat Protects And Takes Care Of His Sick Friend With Disabled Legs

For people who say animals have no feelings, this story will change their mind immediately. Not only are animals better parents than some humans, they are also better friends than some humans.

Stray cat Nabi found Norang with injured legs on the streets, and has taken care of him since then. Nabi feeds her food and protects her from dangers and other strange cats’ attack.

Meet Norang the white-and-orange cat and his best buddy Nabi!

When you first look at Norang, he is just like any ordinary cat. He looks adorable with his cute face and fluffy fur. However, his back legs were badly injured when he was a kitten. For this reason, Norang can’t move around like other cats.
Thankfully, Norang has his best friend Nabi who helps him all the time. No matter what happens, Nabi is always present to take help him.

Not only does Nabi take care of Norang, but he also acts as his bodyguard to protect his best friend from dangers.
Norang also loves Nabi so much and usually grooms his best friend.

Watch the heartwarming story of amazing friendship between Norang and Nabi in the video below:

Cats are some of the most motherly, compassionate and emotionally intelligent creatures we’ve met.

This case open our eyes…animal friendship sometimes better than human friendship.. True friend and true love..

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