Ralph Laurens 40m$ Bugatti

A rare opportunity: Ralph Lauren auctioned off a private tour led by the designer himself to watch his collection of classic classic cars.

Ralph Lauren is Respected Car Collector

Lauren is a well-known and respected car collector. In addition to owning multiple Ferraris and Porsches, he also owns the 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, which is one of the two surviving Atlantics (only three were built), by Ettore’s son Jean Bugatti  Design, he created the iconic brand. Another Atlantic company sold it to an anonymous buyer for $40 million this summer.

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image source :007museum

Most Expensive Car On Board

From an auction in May 2010, another similar model owned by Peter Williamson was sold at an auction for US$30-40 million, the world can be judged The most expensive car on board.

Best Of Show Award

Ralph Lauren’s classic Bugatti 57SC Atlantic recently won the “Best of Show”  award at Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.

The rare 1938 Bugatti is estimated to be worth about 40 million U.S. dollars and is one of the only three remaining examples.

If you’re ever in Oxnard California, there is one at a place called mullin museum. There’s no signs or marketing that I’ve ever seen. It’s a nondescript building filled with 100’s of millions of dollars worth of cars. Delehayes, bugattis, you name it. They had a eb110ss in there when I went. That’s also where the bugatti that was found in the bottom of a lake is displayed. Or at least it was when I went. Also have the movie car from the movie Sahara, the one that gets shot up in the end. Still has bullet holes and sand all over it. The center piece of the museum is a bugatti 57sc Atlantic. The light blue one. Google 57sc Atlantic and you’ll see pics of the light blue one on a circular platform, that’s the museum. I’m ashamed of this but I went when I was 16 and wanted to make a mark on history so I hopped my dumbass up there, gave it a little lick, and fingered the tailpipe. So I guess I’ve tasted 40m dollars. Tasted dusty and the triple exhaust pipes had a lot of surface rust. Best risk of tetanus ever.

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