Puppy Accidentally Ends Up In Detention After Following His Mini-Humans To School

Kids love dogs, and it’s not surprising that they are desperate for one of their own. Therefore, if your children start asking for a dog, don’t say no. It’s great to own a dog who can provide numerous benefits for all family members, not just the children.

That’s the reason why when Karen Manthey’s kids wished for a new dog as their pet, Karen and her husband decided to add a friendly dog into their home. They hoped that the dog would become their kids’ best friend.

When Lainey and Jasper saw their new Goldendoodle puppy for the first time, they immediately decided to call him Sandy. The kids had recently watched the classic musical, Annie and thought their pup looked just like Anne’s dog, Sandy. But this Sandy is not a street dog who is dumb like the dog in the musical. In fact, he’s incredibly smart, bright, and playful. And these often lead him into mischief and trouble.
Sandy’s most recent mischief was captured and and shared on social media. His photos took the internet by storm, and people started laughing at him.

The funny event started when Lainey and Jasper went back to school after seven-months of quarantining. Sandy loved staying with his siblings all the time and wasn’t ready to let them go. So when they went to school, he followed them.
Karen did not notice that Sandy followed the two kids in school. And somehow Sandy managed to find the way to school and safely arrived inside the school premises. The children discovered the dog and reported his presence to their office staff.

The office staff took him inside to ensure his safety. Despite being detained, Sandy was not the slightest bit sorry for his actions. After happily visiting the office, he destroyed the blinds and leapt into the window to discovery everything outside.
Manthey offered to pay for the destroyed window blinds, but the school staff was happy to write it off in exchange for a photo of Sandy.

“He was thrilled with the day’s adventures,” Karen Manthey said regarding Sandy’s lack of shame. “If anything, I think he’ll try twice as hard to sneak off with the kids again.”
Despite being mischievous and stubborn, the family still loves him. And of course, Sandy also loves his humans so much. He just wants to make his family happy, and now that he is famous, he can bring joy to the rest of the world, too!

On camping trips if the family is separated he’ll spend all his time running back and forth to check on each group to make sure everyone is safe,” Manthey said.

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