Pregnant Pittie Rescued From Chain Has 13 Puppies

When pregnant pit bull Blue was rescued from a chain, her rescuers had no idea how many babies she would have just 3 days later! Watch Blue become a mama to 13 identical puppies who are all just as cuddly as she is.

That poor dog .., she was going to be their profit for breeding for the losers who tied her to that tree and didn’t love and protect her.It is unconscionable that anyone would chain up and neglect any animal, especially a pregnant one. Thank God there are people eager and willing to step up and give these poor creatures the care they need and the life they deserve.

The ladies who rescued and fostered Blue are pure angels. I can’t even imagine how she would have coped birthing 13 puppies in that situation. Nice work ladies, you are beautiful human beings.

You are an absolute gift to this world to see a very pregnant dog, that was obviously in distress and DO something about it. You’re and angel taking care of God’s precious creatures! I hope your life is blessed as you have blessed many others! Thank you!

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