Pitbull’s Are One Of The Best Dogs You Can Choose To Adopt

Pitbull’s are one of the best pets you can choose to adopt, and as a caring friend and family member, they are frequently neglected. While they are definitely a common breed of dogs, they have also had their time in history, where people might have feared that Pitbull’s aggression was a problem. This also causes a person contemplating adopting a new Pitbull to have some questions in advance.


In my view, Pitbull’s are one of the most under-rated breeds of dogs you can choose to adopt. Perhaps this is because violence made the headlines for a few years, and maybe they just don’t fit the character of a lot of dog owners who may have wanted a Pitbull at some point in time. The logic behind it, I truly do not know. I do know, however, that they produce outstanding and affectionate pets. I don’t believe I’ve seen a more loyal and affectionate dog.

How Pitbull’s Show Affection

In certain respects, Pitbull shows love. Pitbulls, in general, have an extremely deep love for their parents. While with their personalities, all Pitbulls will be distinct, some of the ways they display affection will probably still stay the same. What I mean is here.

Why are pitbulls so affectionate?

Like several breeds of terrier dogs, Pitbulls enjoy the love of their families, owners, and human contact. Pitbulls have a deep desire to please their owners and to have their immediate caregivers and family members with a strong bond, affection, and protective nature.

Pit-Bulls Are Born To Fight?

Pit bull dogs are not born ready for another dog, animal, or human being to rip into them. In the context of a dog fight, they are taught to fight by people who are involved in making a profit and providing “entertainment”.

In certain cases, these dogs are forced to fight to death, and those that can not go on are abandoned by electrocution, gunshot, or other cruel means, or killed. It is not the dogs, then, who are cruel and aggressive, but the ones behind their training.

When I was younger, my sister and I found a litter of stray pitbull puppies wandering around her neighborhood alone. We asked around and nobody knew or wanted them so we called animal control. When the guy came to pick them up he informed me that he would be forced to put them to sleep. I packed them all in my car and took them home. My boyfriend was mad at first, but after I told him what happened he agreed I did the right thing.



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