Pitbull’s AMAZING reaction to Mufasa’s death in The Lion King

That time when Disney was so traumatic that it triggered a whole generation AND their housepets.When an animal expresses sadness to an animation, you know the animators who made this did a good job.

Pure proof that animals have deep feelings just like we do. They can sympathize. They can have empathy. They have heartache and feel lost just like we do. We can learn so much from our animals. They deserve nothing but love, cuddles and respect.

I didn’t cry when I saw the movie…but I shed a tear wathing this beautiful companion in distress. I couldn’t tell him it was only a movie.

Pitbulls are amazing. Their emotional responses to anything are simply the closest to humans I’ve ever encountered I might even argue they are more in touch with their emotions.And people think these dogs are vicious and evil! Pitties are the most feeling and loving dogs ever!!! Such big hearts!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment!!

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