Pitbull Drops Toy And Talks About It

And this is the breed that is the most aggressive? The one that is crying about his toy being on the floor?” Don’t know what’s wrong with parents nowadays….I’m asking nicely and I still have to get it myself… I’ll remember this next time you ask me to be good…”Pitbulls can be rambunctious with their toys. “Boy, that toy lasted for two years and my bully never put a dent in it,” is something you will likely hear from no Pitbull owner, ever.

I swear, he’s saying, “I’ll go”, when he jumps down off of the couch. I am so in love with this sweetie-pie poochy! He’s so friggin adorable, I just can’t take it!My bulloxer talks up a storm and even says “out” when he wants to go.

The bullies can be very articulate beasts. So sweet when raised lovingly and without any violence from their human partners. I’ll be so sad when my “Bruno” is no longer with me.

My beautiful “aggressive” sweet adorable pitbull makes noises like this over his piggy toy. Lol your pit is the cutest.

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