Pit bull Blob fish So Funny

Pit bulls are one of the world’s most loving dogs. Of course, I’m aware of their tumultuous history. They’re one of the most misunderstood dog breeds due to years of misinformation and poor press. I’m a pit bull owner myself, and I know how much fun it is to share my life with these mischievous canines.

Let’s face it: the pit bull’s mouth has acquired a terrible rap. One of the most pernicious and ridiculous pibble misconceptions is that they have “locking jaws.” False: pit bull jaws are no more physically distinctive than those of any other dog.

Some pitties may be more tenacious than others when it comes to clutching and shaking toys because they are terriers. Others may have a higher predation drive, which, when combined with their persistence, makes them an unsuitable cat prey. It’s critical to understand how to interpret your pit bull’s signals in every setting, as it is with any dog.

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