Photos That Proves Pit Bulls Are Not Dangerous For Your Babies

Pit bulls are considered by many to be a vicious and dangerous breed of dog. Few breeds have a bad name as this one, thanks in part to their imposing physiognomy and the countless stories and prejudices that surround him.

If there is a breed that has been abused since its origin, this is without a doubt that of the pit bull. Originally from the United States, the American pit bull terrier earned its fame and name when in the XNUMXth century the bulldog breeds were mixed with those of the terrier to give rise to a pit bull terrier hybrid. whose first destiny would be to fight in the graves with bulls, rats or other dogs. The suffix ‘pit’ actually means ‘pit’.

It is a dog with a strong, courageous, determined and enthusiastic character. The standard of United Kennel Club, determined that it is not a suitable dog for those owners who look for guard dogs, since they are extremely friendly, even to strangers. Nevertheless, they tend to present a certain degree of aggression against other dogsHence, it is recommended that owners socialize carefully and educate in favor of obedience.

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