Panther Is Living A Wonderful Life With Humans And Dogs Despite Being Disowned By His Mother

The majority of us are born with our mother’s love, but not everyone is so fortunate. Unfortunately, many kids are still abandoned by their mothers for various reasons around the world. Animals aren’t any different.

Luna, a baby black panther in a Siberian zoo, was disowned by her mother for unclear reasons. Luna’s life began difficultly. The mother refused to provide her with the milk, attention, and affection she needed, making it difficult just to survive.

However, a little miracle happened. Victoria, a young woman from Russia showed up in the poor baby’s life. Victoria had experience in raising big cats and she was truly touched by her situation, so she came to help. Their bond was born immediately.

Victoria stayed by Luna’s side, played with her and fed her nutritious meals filled with all the vitamins and proteins she needed after the lack of mother’s milk. As a result, Luna quickly managed to grow up normally and finally regained her zest for life.

After taking care of Luna for a while, the kind-hearted volunteer became so attached to the panther that she decided to buy her and bring her home (only because she had all the experience and knowledge required to adopt such animals). And the panther seemed to trust Victoria, too. Luna knew that the woman had saved her life.

Arriving at her new owner’s home, Luna had the chance to meet Venza, Victoria’s rottweiler. Despite many differences, the two animals got along with each other surprisingly well. Their friendship bloomed right away and just got better and better over time.

The panther behaves quite tame, at least in her family. After staying together for a long time, Luna and Venza even become best friends. They are almost inseparable now!

They love to play and explore the world around them together. The panther and the dog seem to be happier than ever to have found such a companion to hang out and enjoy life with.

Luna is about ten months old at the moment. The little baby back then has grown up into a strong, fierce and gorgeous girl as she should be.

She even makes herself a huge Instagram star alongside Venza with 177 thousand followers. The pictures of their unusual friendship have been fascinating people all over the world.

Thank you, Victoria, for doing such an amazing job. We all hope to see more stunning moments of Luna and Venza in the future!

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