Overjoyed Pitbull Can’t Stop Wagging Her Tail After Finally Finding A Forever Home

Matilda the pit bull was a puppy when she arrived at the Douglas County Animal Shelter. The tiny pit bull was very cheerful, unlike other canines brought to the shelter who were depressed. The little girl’s tail was wagging wildly with delight.

Matilda’s passion astounded the shelter personnel. Even though she has been a stray for a few months, she is still a friendly and loving dog. Matilda was full of worms, and her skin was in bad shape when the shelter personnel discovered her. Despite this, the pit bull’s tail continued to wag.

One of the shelter’s workers, Satina Sanders, caught Matilda’s “happy tail wags” on video and share it on Facebook. She also mentioned that the little pit bull is the cutest thing she has ever seen and gives the sweetest kisses.

After Sanders shared the video, the New York-based rescue group, Pibbles & More, contacted Sanders. When Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo, one of the coordinators at the rescue group, didn’t want to leave the cute pit bull in the shelter. So, she found a foster home for Matilda.

When Teresa went to get the tiny pit bull, Matilda was so excited she couldn’t stop wagging her tail. She is a definition of joy!

Kerri Rich offered her home to foster the little pup until she could find her a forever home. But, she didn’t think that she would fall in love with Matilda.

Kerri and Matilda are so happy to be with each other. However, when Kerri tried to put a collar on the dog, Matilda wasn’t happy at all. She even stopped wagging her tiny tail. This was the first time the pit bull’s tail stopped wagging.

Kerri thought Matilda’s skin wasn’t healed properly, so she might have been in pain due to the collar. So, she immediately removed it. As soon as Kerrie removed the collar, Matilda started wagging her tail again.

Thanks to the shelter, the staff, and Matilda’s new foster human, she will never spend another day on the street. She finally has a roof over her head and food in her belly.

If you want to adopt, check out the pups at Pibbles & More.

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