‘Obese’ owl rescued after being too fat to fly

While for many of us keeping in a good shape becomes harder and harder, given the nowadays lifestyle, we cannot say the same about the wildlife. Or can we? Well, apparently a “soggy” bird got rescued after it turned out she was too fat to fly.

When a landowner, in England, first spotted the owl it was lying in a ditch. Assuming it might be injured, the man took the bird to the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary. After further examination staff at the sanctuary realized the ‘little one’ was actually a little bit too chunky.

“Usually in these instances we assume injury of sorts that is preventing the owl from flying – occasionally becoming wet causes them to become grounded too,” the group wrote in Facebook post. “So you can imagine our surprise that when we examined her, we found her to simply be extremely obese.”

While in normal circumstances these type of owls usually weigh around 3 ounces, the one rescued was weighing almost 9 ounces. Given that, “she was unable to fly effectively due to the fatty deposits around her body,” according to the rescue team.

According to Rufus Samkin, head falconer at the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, the region where the bird was rescued had been crawling with mice, so it’s pretty easy to understand why the bird started to gain weight!


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“We think she’s just done incredibly well for herself and overindulged,” Mr. Samkin told BBC. “Hopefully, she’s learnt to keep her weight in trim so she can escape any predators or being picked up.”

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