Nice cat brings flowers to her favorite neighbors every day

Moving into a new neighborhood could be really stressful, sometimes. But not if you have a secret admirer that brings flowers, everyday! Well, that’s exactly what Rosie experienced when she moved into her new home in the UK.

“For a while, it was just a legend that it was her until yesterday when I was cooking and spotted her jumping down with a pink flower in her mouth,” Rosie told Love Meow. “I was so excited that I went to film it because she’s so cute and I’d never seen a cat ever bring back anything but dead animals before.

The woman was quite surprised to find out someone brings her flowers everyday, and leave them on the porch. However, she could not believe her eyes when found out the secret admirer was actually a very nice and friendly cat named Willow. Meantime she learned Willow loves to brings gifts to all her neighbors. Especially to those to let her sleep on their porches. And why not..inside their homes! And don’t get me wrong, Willow did had her own house, but apparently life is better when your a guest.

“We live on a street of terraced houses that backs onto another street of terraced houses with a kind of garden corridor between,” Rosie said. “Willow rules over about six of the gardens, and I’m pretty sure she gets fed by everyone because she’s very difficult to say no to.”

Judging by her chunky looking, it’s clear that all the neighbors love Willow and spoil her with little treats. But after all, there’s no other way to handle with such a romantic, compassionate neighbor, right?

h/t: lovemeow

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