My Pitbull dog sets a booger snot record! 5 feet or more – looks like worm but it’s snot!

Kiana is a rescue who, as a puppy, had a head injury which gave her a sinus problem. She is well loved and taking care of. We clean her nose 3-4 times a week.

The dogs sense of smell is 10x stronger than humans, his sense of smell must have been cut in half from what came out of his nose!

How the hell is that possible? that is some very strong snot I just don’t get how it would be that long. the sinus track isn’t that long.

This kind of happened to me once. I remember not being able to breathe in or out of my left nostril. I eventually used a q-tip to see if I could get something. I wiggled it around and then twirled it around. Eventually I pulled it out and there was a glob of snot that was as long as my pinky and as thick as my pointer finger. I know this dog has got to feel better after that giant glob is out. It was the best relief of my life so far.

The guy was amazing. He made my day! That had to have felt so good!

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