Muscle Pit Bull Ace

First things first, we have to know if your Pitbull is underweight. According to Train Your GSD, you can tell if your Pitbull is underweight just by looking at his body composition. If he has a thin layer of fat over his rib cage, then your Pitbull is a healthy one or has the ideal weight. However, if his ribs are showing or if you can quickly feel it, then your Pitbull is underweight.

Many factors contribute to your Pitbull’s weight. This includes his genetics, low diet, lack of exercise, stress, illness, and parasites. We will tackle each reason one by one so we could further help in your Pitbull’s weight.
Like humans, genetics also play an essential role in your Pitbull’s weight. If his parents or grandparents are thin or are not muscular or lean, then there is a big chance that your Pitbull’s weight is affected by genetics.

Avoid putting unrealistic expectations on how your Pitbull should weigh. Remember that even if you feed him a lot of store-bought dog food, if his weight is affected by different factors such as his genes, then there isn’t a lot we could do. If your Pitbull came from a family of slender or thin Pitbull, then we have to accept the fact that we can’t bulk him up.


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