Mother Cat Brings Her Tiny Kittens To Woman Who Gave Her Food

Lily is an animal lover, whose heart is purer than Indonesia’s gold. When she went abroad to work in Abu Dhabi, she often used her money to feed stray cats on the street. She feeds 10 to 20 stray cats around the apartment. In addition, she rescued many cats from the street. One of them is called Akeera, a stray female cat, fed by Lily. Mother’s cat brought her 5 cute kittens, which surprised the kind woman.

Watch the video below to know the full story:

It is clear that the mother cat trusts Lily, so much so she brings her kitten into her home within 5 days. Lily is so grateful that the mother cat was brave enough to bring her babies to her, and now they are living a happy and loving life that they deserve.


Now in her homeland, Lily continues her mission to help abandoned animals who need help. If you want to support her, you can subscribe, like, comment and share the videos on her YouTube channel. We think all of us can do because this is free!! And you won’t lose anything if you do it.

“Their lives are dependent on your fingers. Thank you for supporting this channel ? God bless you all.”

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