An Amazing Discovery in Uruguay: Miners Found Amethyst Geode in a Shape of Lovely Heart

It is not common to believe that people perceive two same curves contact at a mark in the bottom and a cusp on the peak, or the mixture a fewer than sign and a number 3 as a human’s heart.

But it is true, of course. This symbol is quite old among the populations and its history dates back to the sixth or fifth century BC. All people now accept that sigh as the heart despite the fact that the actual human heart looks totally different.

The sign, however, is instantly recognized as a symbol of love because this important human organ has connections to emotions. Furthermore, it seems nature approved the symbol as well when it painted it in the geode miners found in Uruguay.

It is quite similar in shape to a heart symbol that humans use regularly, however, nature utilizes it too.

Image credits: Uruguay Minerals

A group of miners had a hard task at Uruguay Minerals’ new mine located in the Catalan region in Artigas, close to the Brazilian border.

“It looked like a regular working day at our new Santa Rose mine when workers got the approval to discover a higher number of geodes in that area,” Marcos Lorenzelli said.

“Still, the basalt was really tough and heavy so the miners quickly realized they found something special, and one of them even commented that the hard work always provides exceptional results.”

Uruguay Minerals’ Workers Have Lately Discovered a Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geode

The Basalt Stone Was Not Easy to Break so the Workers Quickly Realized They Found Something Special

Image credits: Uruguay Minerals

It was clear right away the stone was harder than ordinary basalts so the miners had to put in additional effort in order to get it opened. That took a lot of time and energy, but they managed to finish the job successfully.

“A few hours later, they were astonished by the amazing accomplishment. The excavator machine helped them to open a heart-shaped basalt and notice the treasure inside,” Lorenzelli pointed out.

That’s right. You get this well. Nature managed to create such a geode during a long time frame. And the company was lucky enough to discover it.

Few Hours Later, The Workers Succeed to Move and Open the Stone with the Machine when the Miracle Appeared In Front of Their Eyes

Image credits: Uruguay Minerals 

Basalts of these types can come in various forms, sizes, and shapes. But this one was definitely unique while comparing it with others. The firm had not had such an amazing discovery before this one, and they were in this job for quite a long time. “We did not find anything similar in the past,” Lorenzelli mentioned.

Image credits: Uruguay Minerals

Uruguay Minerals instantly made photos of the unique discovery and shared those through social media websites including Facebook and Twitter. The followers were truly surprised by the unusual geode.

Image credits: Uruguay Minerals

The pages encountered a lot of comments and positive reactions. The fans praised the discovery and many said the stone looks really adorable. Some mentioned that nature sends a symbol of love to the human population this way so we should respond in the same manner and take care of our planet.

Image credits: Uruguay Minerals

This is the reaction of some people to the heart-shaped large intestine.

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