Metallica: Master of Puppets – You Know The Show Is Successful When The Crowd Sings The Guitar Solo

I don’t think anyone would realize this, but James is playing his most prized guitar in the pouring rain. This rustic looking guitar’s name is Carl named after the city the band is from, Carlson California. The band got the idea to dismantle the garage they used to practice in back in the day and bring it to their studio and reassemble it inside it. So they tried, but the garage had been torn down. Despite that the band decided to hold a reunion party on the property and someone who was an old friend came and said that he had kept some of the wood from the garage, so they took the wood from the very garage where they wrote Ride The Lightning, For Whom The Bell Tolls, and most notably Master of Puppets and built a very special guitar for the band. Carl is brought out and played with every performance of Master of Puppets no matter the weather which is remarkable to see considering the historical and sentimental significance of the instrument.
You know the show is successful when the crowd sings the guitar solo.

Their guitar techs and drum tech will get a headache after this rainy concert. They will have a lot of job to do. A big applause to the techs and roadies!!
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