This is 3 minutes of him running, drinking beer, remembering lemmy,and METAL.

I was raised by metalheads and I laughed so hard on this. Imagine the blonde seeing that guy with a simmilarly dressed woman and a young child wearing her dad’s Samael shirt like a dress – that’s how people reacted to our family

Me metalhead problems as a 45 year old father of two:
a.I cant listen to Bathory at home cause it scares the baby.
b. I cant listen to Nocturnal Fog in the car because my wife is not a metalhead
c. I cant listen to Evil Exorcist at work cause my boss don’t let me
d. I cant listen to Deathstrike demo on my headphones at nite….cause I gotta put the kids to bed.

When you don’t have anyone to talk to about music and then you try to get every person around you into metal but fail and you get depressed.

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