Metal’s Black Map: Scandinavia’s Undisputed Supremacy in Metal Music

Metal music has its roots in rock / punk bands in England and America, but nowadays it is especially Scandinavia. Encyclopedia Metallum, which gathered the information of metal bands, published a density map in terms of the metal bands they have compared to the populations of countries in Europe.

The figures shown on the map show the number of metal groups per 1 million population in the countries. Finland is by far the leader on the list. Sweden and Iceland are next. However, we consider Scandinavian metal music Norway also because of its great influence in this music genre.

Finnish Metal

This information is not surprising, following the speech that has been on the agenda in recent years, in which Obama thanked the metal groups in Finland. The source of the content is registered on and there are 3429 metal groups as of today. Music in Finland is one of the biggest parts of both economy and culture. Music, which is among the most important export items of Finland when it comes to economy, is also supported by the state.


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