Meet Winnie: Cocker Spaniel Puppy with Gorgeous Eyes

Some people believe that the eyes are a reflection of the soul. And, if that is the case, Winnie, the cocker spaniel from England, seems to have the purest soul, because she has the most beautiful eyes we have ever seen. Literally!

Beautiful Eyes

Winnie the Cocker Spaniel has caused an uproar on the Internet-all because of her beautiful eyes.


Disney Princesses Eyes

Compared to the eyes of Disney princesses, this 3-month-old cub attracted many people online. Her Instagram already has 230,000 followers!Yes, this beauty has attracted the Internet like a Disney princess with her big charming eyes, and we are not even joking.


3 Months Old

She is only 3 months old, but because of her hazel eyes and long fluffy eyelashes, our popularity on social media is so high that we cannot overcome it.

Her cute and unique appearance makes people believe that she belongs to Disney World, and we totally agree. Correct?


She Became a Star

She became a star overnight, and her views on Tik Tok reached 2.3 million because her fans didn’t have enough charming eyes. Ah my heart…

And, just in case, you want to know that Winnie is a naughty dog ​​who likes to eat slippers, take long walks, play catch and ugg.



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