Meet The Kevin Richardson the Lion Man

Kevin Richardson was born in the Nightingale Clinic in Johannesburg in 1974, South Africa. He is a South African animal behaviorist, Kevin Richardson conduct several researches on local animals of Africa. He has been pride of lions and recognized into a pack of spotted hyenas. Kevin Richardson works with big cats like leopards, cheetahs and hyenas.

Known As The Lion Man

Kevin Richardson known as lion man around the world, he is also film producer and an author. Kevin Richardson spends his early life in the neighborhood of orange grove. Patricia is his mother and she worked for Barclays Bank and Patricia also has been born in South Africa. His father worked for a pharmaceutical company. The Bird Man of Orange Grove is the nick name of Kevin Richardson.

Start His Career As Zoologist

Kevin Richardson treats several animals as a kid and grew up spending most of his time with animal in his background. At the age of 13 his father was died and at the age of 16 he met with Stan Schmidt. At that time Kevin Richardson start his career as zoologist. He went to university and began learning zoology, but very soon he quit following 2 years of dull lectures on marine biology instead of mammals. He started his early life considering that he would never work with animals as a professional. Richardson thought that he worked with animals as hobby not as profession.

He started study courses in anatomy and physiology in collage, and Richardson started a profession in physiotherapy. At the age of 23 he got an opportunity to work with six month old Napoleon, Tau and Cubs at the lion park. Still Richardson works with grow up cubs. He is a self taught zoologist. He has ignored numerous safety regulations concerning lions. Richardson spent major part of his lion profession at the lion park, before moving to the kingdom of the white lions.

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