Meet The Hulk, The World’s Biggest Pitbull

Although people usually think that pitbulls and other strong dogs with King Kong bending over are dangerous and unpredictable, this hybrid of American pit bull terrier called the “Hulk” will definitely melt even in the coldest hearts.

Hulk Pit Bull is 173 Lb and Still Growing

Not because he is fluffy, not because he is small, but on the contrary-he is the biggest bison ever. Tall (about 173.4lb and still growing), people tend to be cautious about the Hulk of this dog, but his owner, breeder and trainer Marlon Grannon of “Dark Dynasty K9” I believe this big mollusk can be with his 3-year-old son.Dark Dynasty K9, please believe that this big fool can play with his 3-year-old son.

Hulk Pit Bull is 4 Times Bigger

A pitbulls usually weighs about 30 to 60 pounds, so the Hulk pitbull is almost four times larger. This size and weight are not particularly healthy for any species. It will impair their agility and put pressure on the joints, thereby shortening their lifespan. But even these risks cannot prevent the Hulk from giving up his first pit bull pup. Because of their strong father nature, these dogs are expected to grow into cute pitbulls the size of the Hulk, and should be able to bring about one million dollars in income to their owners. Scroll down and take a look at this fantastic bulldog!

Scroll down to see this fantastic pit-bull!

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Meet ‘Hulk,’ a 17-month-old pitbull who weighs 173.4lbs and is STILL growing!

There’s nothing to fear from this softie, however

Owner Marlon Grannon trusts Hulk with his 3-year-old son, Jordan

Hulk is so big that he can even take Jordan on short rides

Every day, Hulk eats 4lbs of ground beef with special supplements

While he is friendly…

…don’t get on his bad side!

His owners are professional guard dog trainers and breeders

Lisa Grannon says she trusts Hulk precisely because of his thorough guard-dog training


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