Meet Aftermath: The 130lb Superstar Merle Bully

MEET Aftermath – one of the rarest dogs in the world, whose owner describes him as a “street legal snow leopard”.The four-year-old, 130lb giant was the world’s first exotic XL merle bully and his puppies sell for upwards of $10,000. The canine colossus is owned by Eric Gray, 31, and wife Natasha, 30, who run Mega Built Bullies in British Columbia, Canada. Aftermath’s unique, technicolor patterning is down to the fact he has the “merle” gene, which generates mottled patches of colour and can also create blue or odd-coloured eyes and affect skin pigment. Eric said: “Some of his photos have been shared over a million times on Instagram, he’s produced huge 15 pup litters, his semen has been frozen and sent all over the world. His puppies sell for $10,000 and up and his stud fee is the same.

“His puppies sell for 10,000+ and had produced huge 15 pup litters” Yet has multiple huge cracks in the windshield.

Maybe when they sell one of those 10000 dollar puppies they could part with 150 dollars to repair that cracked windshield lol.

A free, $100, $1,000, or even ridiculous $10,000 dog will love you just the same.

Imagine being on a parallel universe where dogs breed humans and they found out that humans look good if they have cleft palate, then they will start breeding humans to reproduce offsprings with cleft palate.


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