Man Puts His Car Up For Sale To Save His Dog’s Life

True love is endless. When this pet dad realized that he had to choose between a puppy and a car, the choice was clear.

Randy Etter realized for the first time that when the puppy became drowsy and started to follow him, the puppy Gemini had a problem.

Then, when Gemini began to vomit, Aite began to worry about the cub’s life.
Etter rushed to Gemini to see the vet, but it turns out that the cause of Gemini’s death is difficult to diagnose.

Randy Etter
The vet couldn’t identify what was wrong with Gemini but Etter wasn’t about to give up.Gemini is his best friend and he will do his best to help him.

Etter focused on finding a veterinarian who could treat Gemini, that he eventually lost his job while visiting the veterinarian desperately.

Randy Etter

Despite visiting multiple vets, nobody seemed to be able to tell Etter what was wrong with his sweet pup.

“[I]it just seemed like I wasn’t gonna get anywhere or get him the help he needed in time. It was truly one of the scariest things I had to deal with.” Etter said.

Randy Etter

But in the end, the cause of Gemini’s pain and distress was discovered; there was a little thing in his intestines.

The baby girl of Etter’s girlfriend used to play by throwing the bottle at the dog.

Etter has worked very hard to quickly remove the bottle when throwing the baby to the cub, but at some point, Gemini entered the bottle without Etter’s knowledge and swallowed the top of the bottle.

Randy Etter

The cost of the operation was US$4,500-far exceeding Etter’s current level.

But Etter wasn’t about to let his best friend die. Etter posted a heartfelt post on Facebook where he explained his situation and put his car up for sale.

Randy Etter

With the money from selling the car, he will save the dog he loves so much and hopes that someone will buy it.

However, after the beautiful display of humans, Etter finally does not have to go through the trouble of selling cars.

Randy Etter

First, Etters friend stepped in and offered to loan him 2000 dollars. Then, the S.O.A.R Initiative (whose “focus is on securing the human-animal bond and improving access to veterinary care & human services for those who are typically underserved”) helped raise 3000 dollars for Gemini’s surgery.

Gemini’s operation had no complications, and he soon returned to his pet-loving arm.

Thanks to everyone who donated money to help Gemini’s kindness and generosity, his life was saved, and Etter did not lose the puppies he loved.

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