Loyal Dog Guards His Owner’s Body In Snowstorm Until Someone Finds Them

Dogs are amazing creatures, and no one can deny this. No matter what happens, our canine friends ​still adore us and love us so much. Not only do they bring joy to our lives, but they also provide us with unconditional love and great loyalty.

We are sure that you have heard ​at least one story about how loyal dogs are to their owners. And if you are looking for a story that will certainly make you sob, don’t skip this post because it is just for you. Scroll down to read for yourself!
A dog named Baby Dog refused to leave his owner’s body for two days after the owner David Deshon became trapped in the snow and later passed away.

David’s body was found dead near his home after his car got stuck in the snow. The devoted dog was so protective of his owner, he even didn’t let rescuers anywhere near his owner’s body.

The rescuers tried to lure Baby Dog away and take him to the Placer County Animal Services facility in Auburn. While Baby Dog was healing, his story went viral and melted everyone’s hearts.

David’s daughter was unable to take care of her father’s dogs due to a busy work schedule, she decided to find a new home for him and Buddy.

Eventually, they found a neighbor was finishing up cancer treatment and needed a new companion. The neighbor, Lisa Lomeli, gave Baby Dog a new name and a new home with her parents Peggy and Phil Morrill.

Baby Dog needs time to recover from the shock of losing his owner. But thanks to Lisa and her husband, he now has a new home and a loving family that he deserves. We hope they will stay together for many years and always keep each other happy!

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