It’s a Breed of Goat Known As The “Shami”

At first I thought his ears were eye stalks, and that creeped me out.

The Shami is a multi-purpose goat historically providing its owner with milk, meat, hair and fine leather. If she receives proper care and quality feed the doe is able to produce large quantities of milk, and many are particularly noted for their ability to kid triplets or even quadruplets.

The Damascus goat, also known as the Shami, is a native breed of Syria and other Near East countries. It was imported into Cyprus some 70 years ago to upgrade the local Cypriot goat population. For over 40 years it has been improved through genetic selection for milk and meat. The Damascus goat was one of the breeds that the Technical Consultation of FAO/UNEB on Animal Genetic Resources, Conservation and Management agreed should be given a high priority due to its qualities.

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