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Feeding a Puppy Wet Food

Wet food is also a commercial type of dog food. The difference from kibble is that wet food contains about 75 percent water.

The moisture unfolds all the aromas in the food, making wet food extremely palatable for most dogs.

The downside of the moisture is that wet food spoils more easily.

Additionally, there is no mechanical abrasion of your puppy’s teeth, so there is no “teeth-cleaning effect” as there is when feeding kibble.

Many dogs have loose stools when fed wet food in large amounts.

Could you feed your Pitbull puppy only on wet food, in spite of this?

Yes, it’s possible to feed a puppy only on wet food, as long as the packaging says “complete” food (and not “complementary”).

However, we recommend only using wet food as an occasional treat or to mix it together with kibble.

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