Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark : Best crowd I’ve seen in my life… Totally breathtaking

Seeing this again, I’m only now realizing how old school Maiden is. Look at the entire staging, it’s all Classic Arena Rock. They have just a little bit of theatricality. The stage is the rockin Egyptian theme, Bruce Dickinson tearing around in some random war-related shit, the rest of the band running around in band T-shirts.

And you can see it in the lighting and pyro as well. The rig is mostly Parcans, the standard car-lamp-in-a-can stage light, and a couple of moving lights. And no pyro used here, just a couple bursts spread out over a couple of songs. It’s all enough to show polish, which matches how goddamn good they are. But it’s not over the top.

Normally I prefer studio songs to live versions with Iron Maiden, but the audience singing along with the guitar in this song is so amazing I never even listen to the studio version at all. I think the live version’s one of my favorite Iron Maiden songs because of that (I realize there are multiple live versions, any with the singalong will do).

Watch below:

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