Interesting Moments Captured By People (6+ Photos)

Nowadays, everyone is an amateur photographer. It’s the way of the world to take pictures of everything we see and share them on social media! Often, we hit the jackpot and catch the ideal picture during our smartphone photo sessions, with a few little touch-ups later and the perfect profile photo is born.

What’s curious, though, is that while we all now have a smartphone in our pocket with a camera, many of us still yearn for the good old days of ‘proper’ photography, and interesting stuff! Take a look and see what you think of these pictures!

Snowfall in Hokkaido, Northern Japan

A chunk of quartz found in arkansas worth 4 million dollars

BMW headquarters, Munich, Germany

This salt mine in Soligorsk, Belarus

The WW2 Battleship, USS Iowa compared to a sailboat.

The oldest known church in Iceland (Grafarkirkja)

Weathered Sandstone

This carrot peeler

This piping illuminated by the sunlight

The way this ice made a tiny forest


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