How To Make Metalhead Friends

I also take metal too seriously. Saw a kid with a Behemoth shirt and went, “Hell yeah man! Behemoth!” and he looks confused and goes, “oh.. yeah i dont know what that is” And i literally spat on his shirt and ran away.

How I made a metalhead friend:

One time at 12am me and my crew were going to Sonic for late night cheeseburgers, and I was wearing my battle jacket, and one of my friends had an Archgoat tshrit on. As we were walking up the dude working the drive-thru stuck his head out the window and went “YO ARE YOU GUYS IN A BAND?” Turns out he was a black metal lover and we all became friends immediately. And got free sodas out of it

>Best way to get mainstream kids to stop wearing band shirts that they know nothing about.

This is how I made my metalhead/deathcore friend

I worked at a grocery store and I was on break and this guy walked in on his break as well,and everyone was quiet eating their food and he looks at me and says “so you smoke crack or what” and it was the funniest shit,we became good friends he got me into deathmetal and I got him into horror style rap and now I listen to a shit ton of metal and he listens to a shit ton of horror rap

Thats my story of how I made a metal friend.

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