Homeless Man Saved All Cats And Dogs In Animal Shelter From Fire

The 53-year-old Keith Walker, who has been living on the street since a young age, managed to save all living things by putting his life in danger during the fire that broke out in an animal shelter in Georgia, USA.

On December 18, a fire broke out in the kitchen of the W-Underdogs animal shelter in Atlanta, Georgia’s headquarters.

Keith Walker, who was around the shelter at the time, described the incident as follows:

I’m so scared I don’t want to lie. I’m scared to get into all the smoke. But God put me there to save those animals. If you love a dog, you love everyone in the world. My best friend is my dog. I couldn’t exist without him today. That’s why I save all the dogs inside.” I knew it should be.

The shelter was not completely destroyed in the fire, but Gracie Hamlin, founder of W-Underdogs, explains that the building was unusable after the fire.

But they were lucky because the bunker was actually preparing to move to a new facility in Atlanta a week later. So, they took this early.


Speaking to CNN television, the founder of the shelter, Gracie Hamlin, said of Keith Walker, who managed to rescue all the animals inside, “He’s my guardian angel. Even the firemen thought they couldn’t handle the dogs, he went in and tried to save all the cats and dogs.”

Hamlin knew Walker before. He had allowed Walker’s Bravo, a pitbull dog who had lived on the street since he was 13, to stay in the shelter every night.

Walker was going to the bunker to take Bravo and take a walk when the fire broke out.

Walker, who went inside when he saw the fire, managed to save all 6 dogs and 10 cats inside.

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