Heavy Metal Cats

If cats were in a metal band, they’re genre would be “Black-Cat Metal”
I toured with this cat back in ’09.We did a few gigs in California,He had a huge catnip habit.

Stay out of my face
You mean nothing to me
Take what you have
And call it your fate
I will not conform with what you’ve done to me

I’ve crushed and destroyed what you’ve thrown at menyone who’s wondering.. the song is Lorna Shore – Life Of Fear! Great band! :’)

My cat does this, too. Sometimes I think that it could be because he’s possessed by Azog, the ancient cat demon and devourer of worlds – but who am I kidding?  This is just how cats spend their free time: death growling and trying to claw our eyes out, right guys?  Guys?

Best part was the cat in the bottom corner like it was a 1980’s video or something.

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