He Was Saved Within 5 Minutes While Being Euthanized – Now He Gives The Best Hugs Of Thanks And Love

Having to say goodbye to our pet because it is suffering and has little chance of recovery, and to do so using e*uthanasia, is a tremendously hard and difficult moment. However, in cases like that of Robin, a puppy who was found injured and immediately placed on the e*uthanasia list, miracles also exist.

The small animal was found limping with an injury to one of its legs and picked up along with others of its kind like any other street dog, to be later “put to sleep” by the health authorities.

The plan was for the technician to sedate all the dogs and then administer a deadly dose to force Robin and the others in the group to die.

The poor puppy was only 5 minutes after being e*uthanized, when suddenly his rescuers began to scream to stop the procedure and ask for Robin’s salvation, so he was transferred to VetRanch, where after a general medical evaluation it was determined that, despite the injuries, the puppy had no broken bones and was completely out of danger.

Studies showed he had no permanent or serious damage

The group of veterinarians said they were very fond of Robin, as he is a very sweet and appreciative dog. They assured not to give credence to the true possibility that a decision taken lightly to practice e*uthanasia, could have ended the life of an innocent being without necessity.

“It’s hard to think that we were about to unnecessarily kill such a friendly and tender being as Robin,” said one of the rescuers.

Robin also became famous because he gives the best hugs of thanks and love to those who saved his life. He seems to tell them how happy he is to be alive. Vet Ranch posted a video about her situation and the warm hugs she gives.

She wouldn’t stop hugging her vet.

A month after his rescue, after his complete recovery, Robin was taken to a new home where he is currently cared for and loved by his new family. His new mother says that they are both happy with the meeting:

“Rest assured that Robin is being pampered properly,” said the smiling owner.

When an animal is very sick, or so injured that its quality of life will never be good or acceptable again, making the decision to euthanize it can be the kindest and most beautiful favor we can do. But the decision that is made because he is abandoned and homeless should cause us shame as a society.

Congratulations, Robin, on defeating death and finding that owner you were waiting for and who will fill you with affection!

Share this new animal rescue story with your friends and family; enjoy and celebrate in each sunrise, the miracle of life.

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