He Sings a DEATH METAL Version of “Let It Go” and Upsets Amanda, But The Crowd Sings With Him!

For a talent judge she’s incredibly immature. She’s more child-like than half of the people who bomb on this show not realizing how bad they are.

The fact that Amanda didn’t like it, the rest of the crowd just loves it and judges gaved a yes for him.

Amanda, this is called “Britain’s got talent” not “come here and please Amanda”. The guy really does have talent. I’m a metal fan and was a metal singer and guitar player. Singing like that takes years and years of vocal training. Your comment is offensive. He made a hell of a death-metal cover and it kicked ass. Thank god at least the audience and the other judges were not as biased and as blind as you were/are. Shame on you.

If you think Metal is just about harsh vocals and no music talent, then I recommend you to listen to Nightwish 😉

He may not won the price, but our hearts, that’s for sure

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