Guy Decides To Foster A Very Pregnant Pit Bull Who Needs A Home Now

It’s so depressing to see stray animals in general, but stray pregnant animals are just another level! I’m so happy there’s people in the world like this that take animals in and care. It makes me feel great!I can imagine thousands of pregnant dogs lining up at his door having heard the kind of treatment they could get.

When I was a teenager my family adopted a dog from the pound that was on death row, I guess they didn’t check to see if she was pregnant because it didn’t take long for us to realize about a month later that she came to us with a belly full of babies. It’s a pretty great deal TBH, you adopt the one dog and get nine more for free.

I looked up the guy on Instagram and Kaia has a new home! She went to a couple who lets her come visit him ☺️ her new mom adores her, lets her sleep in bed every night and gives her sweaters. Kaia’s basically taken over her Instagram, it’s so cute!!!

That’s too bad she can’t stay with him….. she seems so happy there. Please share with your friends.

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